Note: These are just a few of what I consider special organizations, products, and good sites. Many have links of their own. Should you have an outstanding site that belongs here, write me.



Academy of Model Aeronautics – since 1936


International Miniature Aircraft Association  



Flying Gators R/C Club of Gainesville, Florida. My home club; we also host IMAA Chapter 300, the Avi-Gators.  


Rainbow Air Park, site of Florida’s Tri-County R/C Club. Located near Dunnellon. A great club.  


Palos R/C Club. This club site has more interesting information than any other I have come across. It has excellent charts on C.G. location and over 450 links!  



Red’s Battery Clinic – “All you’ll ever need to know about "The Care and Feeding of Ni-Cads!” from the man who ‘wrote the book’ (literally). Treat yourself to a session on the couch at the Clinic.


Read all about the BEST battery maintenance system available to us modelers.


Do you have a new computer radio?  Planning on getting one?  Do yourself a B*I*G*  favor and purchase one of Don Edberg's programming books.


Internet connection speed – a real way to find out just how efficient your internet conx & server is.



Bob Violett Models – Simply the best jets in the world. BVM also carries some unique parts and accessories we can all use in any R/C model.

Red Max fuels – I’ve used them for years. Great service and they will custom blend your formula.  

Great retracts – ‘nuff said J  


Bob Banka’s Scale Model Research. The most complete source of scale three-views and photos there is.  


Small Parts Inc., located in Miami Lakes, FL has any and all small nuts, bolts, screws, small tools, and lots of other goodies we all need. No minimum quantities!   


Romco Mfg. – the home of those great Tru-Turn spinners. Need a spinner cut for a special prop? Help on shaft adaptors? Give Bob Obengerber a call. Tell him Ly sent you over.  

Pacer products and other goodies available through Frank Tiano Enterprises.  




Pan Am Historical Society – the good folks who gave me permission to use the Pan Am Home Page. A great site to check out the history of the real Pan Am from her start in 1927 to her demise in 1991. Lots of great photos and ‘firsts.’ I was there between ’66 & ’91.  

B-47 Association. I flew Stratojets during the Cold War between ’59 & ’64 – based at Hunter AFB, GA.  


B-52 Association. I also flew the BUFF for SAC out of Griffis AFB, NY between ’64 & ‘66  


United States Air Force Museum. A great site to browse through. Research facilities available.  

Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine: Keep up with what’s current at the Air & Space Museum; or go directly to the Air & Space Smithsonian Museum by clicking: 


The Experimental Aircraft Association. A truly outstanding  source of scale data for us modelers. Did you know you can order any photos published in their magazines?  


Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome – Take a trip back through the years! Cole Palen’s legend live on.



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