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Custom Live Wire

Harold deBolt's "Custom Live Wire" biplane was originally kitted in 1958. My version was built especially for a Vintage R/C Society meet held in Feb of 2000 honoring "Pappy" deBolt. Hal signed my model and then took the controls during one flight; I felt privileged as he flew it around the skies of Spring Hill, FL. Dr. Walter Good also signed this model.

The model spans 66 inches and weighs 7-1/2#, and is powered by a Laser .70 4-c. Model Graphics provided the DMECO and other graphics.





Modified from a kit by Whirlwind Models, this “Chinook” represents a generic general aviation aircraft, modified by the military into the type  typically flown by the Civil Air Patrol.  It first flew in Jan 2000.

This model boasts a unique ‘reflex’ airfoil on its 81” wing as well as on its stab. Power is by an OS 1.2 Gemini Twin 4-c with OBI. MonoKote was used. Flying weight is 10-3/4#. All livery is by Model Graphics.

The Fun 40

Bob Godfrey use to market this 48” span ARF called ‘The Fun 40.’  “Bambi” is quite light and is very agile powered by her YS .53 
Used as a 3-D trainer; Nov ‘98


Predator Lite 

Built as a challenge to reduce the weight of a .40 size sport model normally weighing 
4-1/2#. This ‘Lite’ version of the 48” span Predator model flies great with an OS .26 4-c hauling all of its 3-1/2#. Named “Bud”, it first flew in May ’97.

Cutting Edge

An IMAA-legal 64” radically-swept wing biplane, the “Cutting Edge”  was designed by Brian Reed. My version, covered in MonoKote, is powered by my trusty old OS 1.6 Gemini Twin 4-c. It’s fully aerobatic, yet has very docile habits since first flown in Jun ’96.


Sig Wonder 

The ever-popular Sig Wonder took to the air in Jan ’95. “Binky” was one of 5 built by fellow club members for the sole purpose of chasing each other around the Florida sky.  MonoKote-over-Coverite. The only 2-cy in my stable, an OS .15 pulls it. 

Fokker DR-1

A cottage-industry kit picked up in Alabama while attending Aerodrome ’92 yielded this  50” span stand-way-off-scale Fokker DR-1. He  served a brief tour of duty with the Florida Air Show Team. Forever chased by Snoopy’s Dog House, “Gerhard” was often crippled, but since Aug of ’93, his Enya .80 4-c power plant never let him down. Writing  on tail warns “Not this time!”


Wild Thing 40 

My all time favorite ‘just fun’ sport model is also the oldest in the active inventory, having first flown in Oct ’92. Still going strong with the original engine, an Enya .53 
4-c, Stinkpot”
 gets in the air at least a couple of times a month and has survived two mid-airs.


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