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Currently on the bench is a Beechcraft S-35 Bonanza - - V-Tail, of course! This model is being built from the Top Flite kit; an excellent kit I might mention. I'm building this model for both IMAA flying and AMA Sport Scale competition, so the kit has been modified somewhat to bring scale details up to required standards. These mods include the incorporation of sequencing main gear doors. Robart retracts were modified to scale length. The model will also have modified Fowler flaps and nav lights. A Laser 1.2 4-c was chosen not only for its reputation of excellent reliability and its quietness, but it is such a compact 1.20, it fits inside the rather small cowl. The finish will be fiberglass and automotive acrylic. The prototype aircraft (N22BY pictured) for my model is hangared at North Perry Airport in South Florida.


Recently added to the collection of models on the workbench is the Top Flite kit of the FW-190.    This 63 wingspan model will have operating flaps, retracts, and a full cockpit interior. Power most likely will be a Laser .70 4-c. Livery will be from the Munchen-Rein JV 44 protection flight; their  mission being to protect the Me 262 jets during take-offs and landings.




Recently added to the collection of kits just crying out "Build me!" is the kit from Bolly from Australia of the Hovering Cobra. It's a trick airplane designed to practice 3-D maneuvers. Power most likely will be a YS .53 4-c. 




Next down the line will be the Arizona Model Crafters kit of the DeHavilland DH-1A. This one-sixth scale model is of a pusher configuration and will be powered by a Saito .91 4-c, modified with a reverse-rotation cam gear. The reason for this is simply prop choice selection. Fabric finish will be antique SuperCoverite with some stains added and clear butyrate dope. 


Curtiss JN-4D - - "The Invisible Jenny"

Yes, I plan to drive myself nuts again by detailing another Proctor "Jenny" This one will replicate "The Invisible Jenny" which flies in California airspace. Yes, it does indeed exist - - I have numerous photos for documentation purposes. It will require a lot of pre-staining on wood parts before actual construction, but once framing is done, how many museum-scale models can be covered and finished by a simple application of clear MonoKote? Ask how judges will score 'Color, Finish, & Markings - after all, clear Mylar is clear Mylar, isn't it?



We all have kits on closet shelves or in the rafters. My cache includes a custom-cut kit of the "EMB Tucano" from Don Smith plans and an emergency back-up kit for the "Wild Thing".  Interested in purchasing the "EMB Tucano"?



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